C30, C60, C90, Go!

Between proper, Des Moines-focused updates, would you please indulge me in a little bit of self-promotion? Pitchfork ran a feature of mine today examining the current underground cassette culture: "This Is Not a Mixtape." I've already been posting about it on my Twitter account, and I'm publishing extended comments from most of the interview sources on my Tumblr blog for the truly adventurous-- so I'm sorry if you're seeing this for the second (or third!) time. But I'm really happy with how the piece turned out, and I definitely wanted to bring it to the attention to anybody who might be a casual reader of this blog.

Headlights show tomorrow at Vaudeville Mews -- more show reviews soon (possibly including quick recaps of Patrick Fleming, One for the Team, and the Rugbies at Ames Progressive and the Vaud in the past couple of weeks-- sadly missed most of Christopher the Conquered's Ames Progressive set because my lovely driver had to get to sleep to teach the next morning). (Speaking of Christopher the Conquered, check out this tour blog by new drummer and all-around good dude Derek Lambert-- they played Mercury Lounge in NYC on Friday night!!!)

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