Where is the love?

Belated quarterly report for individual tracks. Requirement for this list was just that a track had to have been out there in some form by March 31, 2010, as best as I could possibly incorrectly tell as I was posting this (so for example Robyn's "Dancing on My Own," a surefire top 10 for me right now, is not included; Poison Control Center's "Being Gone" isn't, either, but if the video had come out March 31 instead of April 1 it would be). Meanwhile, in albums news, please consider Erykah Badu dropped from my first-quarter top 10 and Ke$ha added (what was I thinking?). Also: another selection of incongruous Black Eyed Peas photos.

Tell me what I'm forgetting:

1. Ciara [ft. the Dream]: "Speechless" In a post today, this funny and weird and actually pretty astute Tumblr blog called Pitchfork Reviews Reviews (not sure exactly how I should feel/write about it because no doubt I will eventually come up for review-- at the very least, it's a worthier adversary than most criticize-the-critics blogs in the last five years) says Pitchfork has never covered The-Dream, except in a single news item about Lil Wayne. This is, technically speaking, not true. The old Forkcast, which you can only find in your RSS reader these days, covered "Shawty Is a Ten," a "Shawty Is a Ten Remix" with R. Kelly, "Falsetto," the "Falsetto" video, "I Luv Your Girl," and "Let Me See the Booty," plus Dream productions like "Touch My Body" and "Umbrella." What, you expected me to say something about the song? Without speech. For now. (OK, except to say I never thought The-Dream would keep finding new and better variations on his "ella ella"/"ay ays," or that Ciara would out-"Promise" her own "Promise.")

2. Tanlines: "Real Life" When I wrote about this track for Pitchfork, I missed something crucial. First of all, my use of the word "sad" was totally off, although the Brooklyn duo do bring an air of melancholy to this vaguely tropical synth-pop stunner, which should fit nicely between New Order and the Tough Alliance on a mix. I know this isn't what you should normally do with dance music, but let's go through the lyrics again: "You might think I'm still that way/ It's only natural/ It was a past life thing, it was a past life thing/ It wasn't anything at all." In the context of having been "lost" ("trouble was I was alone"), it's clear he's not looking back on something sadly/wistfully, as I'm afraid my review suggested-- he's reassuring a lover, "OK, when I was single, I was a jerk-- mistakes were made-- but not only is that over, it might as well never have happened." Words easier said than followed through upon, given what we know about human nature, and maybe that's what makes them poignant. I still love how the song seems like it's about to end, but then comes back for another chorus. No idea what's with the chant of what sounds like "mass aloha"-- it's just the sort of thing somebody should be singing at the end of this song, right?

3. DOM: "Burn Bridges" I'll have a lot more to say about this band, who like labelmates Golden Girls hail from Worcester, Mass., but for now just read Dom's interview with Ryan Dombal and listen to the song. I wouldn't be surprised if another Dom track (probably "Living in America" or "Jesus") edges this one out as my favorite by the end of the year.

4-10. Aloe Blacc: "I Need a Dollar". Janelle Monae [ft. Big Boi]: "Tightrope". Robyn: "Fembot". Das Racist: "Shorty Said (Gordon Voidwell Remix)". Spoon: "Out Go the Lights". The Drums: "I Felt Stupid".

Yes, we can.

Incomplete list of assorted other tracks for your consideration, no particular order:
Caribou: "Odessa" 
Nicole Kidman: "I'm in Love With a Jehovah's Witness"
Liars: "The Overachievers"
Titus Andronicus: "No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future"
Los Campesinos!: "A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State Or, Letters From Me to Charlotte"
Dum Dum Girls: "Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burnout"
Alley Boy [ft. Young Dro]: "Tall"
Delorean: "Stay Close"
Rox: "My Baby Left Me"
Goldfrapp: "Rocket (Richard X One Zero Remix)"
Tracey Thorn: "Oh, the Divorces!"
Gorillaz: "To Binge"
Young Money [ft. Lloyd]: "Bedrock"
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: "Round and Round"
Drake: "Over"
Surfer Blood: "Catholic Pagans"
Lindstrom & Christabelle: "Baby Can't Stop"
Neon Indian: "Sleep Paralysist"
Zola Jesus: "Night"
jj: "Pure Shores"
Here We Go Magic: "Collector"
These New Puritans: "We Want War"
Four Tet: "Sing"
White Hinterland: "Icarus"
Rich Boy: "So Look Good"
Rich Boy [ft. Yelawolf]: "Go Crazy"
The-Dream: "Love King"
Toro Y Moi: "Blessa"
Beach House: "Used to Be"
Robyn and Diplo: "No Hassle"
Field Music: "Them That Do Nothing"
Sonny and the Sunsets: "Too Young to Burn"
Best Coast: "Wish He Was You"
Cloud Nothings: "Can't Stay Awake"
Spoon: "Written in Reverse"
Love Is All: "Less Than Thrilled"
Cults: "Go Outside"
Active Child: "Wilderness"
El Perro Del Mar [ft. Robyn]: "Change of Heart (Rakamonie Remix)"
Golden Girls: "Amateur Teen Sex Attics"
Ludacris: "How Low"
Baths: "Maximalist"
Starkey: "11th Hour"
Young Dro and Yung LA: "Black Boy, White Boy"
Junkie XL [ft. Jan Hammer]: "Made for Each Other"
The Besnard Lakes: "Albatross"
Gyptian: "Hold Yuh"
Fiveng: "Jonah"
Marina and the Diamonds: "Hollywood"
Dead Gaze: "Back and Forth"
Freddie Gibbs: "Crushin' Feelin's"
J Stalin [ft. Jacka]: "Red & Blue Lights"
Mr. Dream: "Knuckle Sandwich"
Yelawolf: "Pop the Trunk"
Kisses: "Bermuda"
Joker: "Tron"
Arches: "Comin' Back Again"
Teen Sheiks: "Germs"
So Cow: "Random Girls"
Young Dro: "Go to the Club"
Tycho: "Coastal Brake"
Kelis: "Acappella"
Shout Out Louds: "Walls"
Chat Room: "Mom's Web Dating Again"
The Knife in Collaboration With Mt. Sims and Planningtorock: "Colouring of Pigeons"
Cold Cave: "Life Magazine"
Marvelous Darlings: "I'll Stand By Her"
Radio Dept.: "Heaven's on Fire"
Bullion: "Say Goodbye to What"

 Glamorous/Clumsy (pick yr fave).


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  2. Oh man, I just realized I forgot Kingdom's "You" because I have it on 10" instead of mp3. Please consider that added somewhere to the top 10, maybe top 5.