Bratty punk duo Slutever played the Mews last week, were fun.
There have been some noteworthy shows around here recently that I wasn't able to give enough attention on the blog, such as Mantis Pincers' tape release party and Bright Eyes' weirdly belated Des Moines debut. And there should be some interesting stuff coming up before it gets too cold-- off the top of my head, my potential highlights: New York indie-poppers the Drums, mysterious electronic poppers Purity Ring (who are also touring with Neon Indian, and whose "Ungirthed" 7" I really wish I had bought before it sold out), the Seed of Something's tape release party, Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance (just because), Yelawolf, Explosions in the Sky, maybe Pretty Lights or Bassnectar (dubsteppy dudes), Gillian Welch.

Oh yeah, and I'm DJing outside at the PBR bar a second time on Aug. 27, which is free; I'll also be DJing inside between sets Aug. 30 for Patrick Tape Fleming's birthday party, headlined by Fishboy, a night that will be a highlight for sure, my record selections notwithstanding...

As always, please don't hesitate to tell me what I'm missing!

UPDATE: The indefatigable Chet Boom has reminded me I forgot about Ames and Grinnell. Which is a pretty big omission, considering the M Shop in Ames is getting Cymbals Eat Guitars (with Hooray for Earth, who I recently reviewed for eMusic) and Braids, and Grinnell College is bringing Dan Deacon, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Bass Drum of Death, and Dam-Funk, among others.


La Strange with New Bodies, Dustin Harmsen. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 19. All Ages $5

Everyday/Everynight with Love Songs for Lonely Monsters, New Member Charles. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 19. 21+ $5

Pictures of Then with Mystic Dynasty, Diamonds for Eyes, Vag of Courage, Radiant Hearts. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 20. 21+ $5

Grupo Fantasma with Parranderos. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 22. 21+ $10

Sleepy Sun with Why Make Clocks, Canyons. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 23. 21+ $10

Nashville Pussy
 with Superchief, Controlled Chaos, Invoking Adrian. House of Bricks. Aug. 24. 21+$10/$15

Nachtmystium with Nevervoid, Ezra, Primal Breath. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 26. All Ages $9

Purity Ring with Love Songs for Lonely Monsters. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 26. $8

Parlours. The M Shop (Ames). All Ages & Free

PrettyGirlHateMachine with Mercies May, Neon Current, Kyd n Tre. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 27. 21+ $5

Patrick Tape Fleming's birthday party: Fishboy with Christopher the Conquered, Wolves in the Attic, Derek Lambert & the Prairie Fires, Googleplexia, January Rabbit. Vaudeville Mews. Aug. 30. 21+ $5 (6:30 p.m. doors)

Balmorhea with Fainberg. Grinnell College. Aug. 31. All Ages & Free


Dave Beck with Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos, Eric Kennedy. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 7. All Ages $5

Psychedelic Furs with Tom Tom Club. People's Court. Sept. 9. 21+ $25-$30

My Gold Mask with Unknown Component. Grinnell College. Sept. 9. All Ages & Free

Child Bite with Death by Steamship, Land of Blood and Sunshine, Big Box, Callen's Mudmen. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 9. 21+ $5

The Seed of Something Tape Release Party with Going to Grandma's, Dhobi Fats. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 10. All Ages $8

Braids with Pepper Rabbit, Painted Palms. The M Shop (Ames). Sept. 14. All Ages

Vice Voce with the Parson Red Heads. Grinnell College. Sept. 17. All Ages & Free

Unknown Mortal Orchestra with TBA. Grinnell College. Sept. 21. All Ages & Free

Electric Six with Kitten, Handlebar. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 23. 21+ $15

Bass Drum of Death with TBA. Grinnell College. Sept. 25. All Ages & Free

Wolfgang CD Release Party with Canby, the River Monks, Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 24. 21+ $5

The Vibrators (although the drummer appears to be the only original member) with Die Mutts, Hott, Cordial Spew. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 26. All Ages $10

Brass Bed with New Member Charles, the Big Tuxedos. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 26. 21+ $5

Bassnectar. Val Air Ballroom. Sept. 28. $27-$30

Qwazaar w Batsause with Lady Daisey, Maxilla Blue, Old Irving. Vaudeville Mews. Sept. 29. 21+ $8

Turbo Fruits with Pujol, TBA. Grinnell College. Sept. 30. All Ages & Free


The Drums. Vaudeville Mews. Oct. 6. All Ages $15

Cleo's Apartment with Wrestling With WolvesDiamonds for Eyes. Vaudeville Mews. Oct. 8. 21+ $5

Dam-Funk with Master Blazter, Kids These Days. Grinnell College. Oct. 8. All Ages & Free
Pretty Lights. Val Air Ballroom. Oct. 9. $25-$30

Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance. Wells Fargo Arena. October 8. All Ages $29.50-$55

Explosions in the Sky with Wye Oak. Val Air Ballroom. Oct. 11. All Ages $23/$25

Gillian Welch. Hoyt Sherman Place. Oct. 14. $28.75

Yelawolf. People's Court. Oct. 18. $16-$18

Cymbals Eat Guitars with Hooray for Earth. The M Shop (Ames). Oct. 18. All Ages

Mac Miller. Val Air Ballroom. Oct. 19. $20-$23.

Primus. Val Air Ballroom. Oct. 15. $35-$40

UME with TBA. Grinnell College. Oct. 28. All Ages & Free


Deer Tick. Grinnell College. Nov. 11. All Ages & Free


  1. Sleepy Sun w/ Why Make Clocks & Canyons, Mews Aug. 23

  2. Thanks, sir! I'll add that now--must've missed it when I was plowing through the Mews site last night.

  3. I highly recommend Grupo Fantasma

  4. Thanks! I know they've played with Spoon... definitely curious. We'll see if I can make it out tonight-- Mondays, etc.

  5. "Hooray for Everything": brain fart?

  6. Ha, yes, thanks! And subconscious Simpsons reference: