For several years, Bob N. and I DJ'd on New Year's Eve. It was a blast, but it was also exhausting, and I appreciated not having to stay out late in negative degrees last night to play records for strangers. On the other hand, Bob did invite me out to spin again recently at the Red Monk, and another great pal, the mighty Brandon Logsdon, joined us, adding some great tunes (as I recall he preempted my attempt to play Melvins' "Hooch," which I had brought along especially because I thought it would work well with his tastes, by playing his own copy himself; he also kept us current by playing the Migos). Here's what I seem to have played, followed by a Spotify approximation... (Anymore, I also prefer posting lists like these than sharing my top 50 songs/albums lists; there's just too much good music. Putting music in context is more interesting to me right now than rankings—though of course I do those too as part of my job!)

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